About Us

Educate Ward 8 is a grassroots effort that strives to engage parents and students in the ongoing effort to improve the public school system in Ward 8, Washington DC. Educate Ward 8 believes that for the school system to improve in Ward 8, it is important for a group to lobby and advocate on behalf of students and parents to our city's leaders, but that it is also important for that group to get parents and students out to advocate on behalf of themselves. At PTA meetings, public hearings, civic association meetings and State Board of Education meetings, it is the organization's priority to have families and students participate in sparking positive change and action on one of Ward 8's most pressing issues: Education.

Through our online efforts on our blog and through social media, Educate Ward 8 posts regular updates on events, meetings and news on how residents can find out information and voice their opinions on the direction of school reform.

Educate Ward 8 Believes:

  • Parents have an obligation to their students and to the system to be active participants in keeping up with progress made in the classroom and speaking out when things are not going right
  • Students should care about the opportunities their schools provide and the quality of education they receive.
  • That good teachers are essential to the learning process and that good teachers should be rewarded and recognized for the job they do. 
  • That under-performing teachers are detrimental to the learning process and can be catastrophic to the future success of students- even into adulthood.
  • Teachers Unions should work cooperatively with our city government, not be a detriment or hindrance to the process. 
  • Charter Schools are an important part of our system, our children's education and the choice of parents and should be supported to the fullest extent.
  • That everyday citizens and everyday voters make the most difference in reforming our education system and they should take a full and engaged role in the process.